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Table of Contents


[edit] NGO Overview

[edit] A. What are Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)?
  1. Definitions of NGOs
  2. Alternative terms for NGOs (civil society organizations, charities, third sector organizations, etc.)
  3. Fundamental nature of NGOs
[edit] B. Classification of NGOs
  1. United Nations International Standard Industrial Classification
  2. General Industrial Classification of Economic Activities
  3. National Taxonomy of Exempt Entitites
  4. International Classification of Nonprofit Organizations
[edit] C. Types of NGOs by Geographic Area
  1. International NGOs
  2. Regional NGOs
  3. National NGOs
  4. Local NGOs
[edit] D. Types of NGOs by Focus
  1. Membership Associations
  2. Humanitarian NGOs
  3. Human Rights NGOs
  4. Educational NGOs
  5. Environmental NGOs
  6. Women's NGOs
  7. Children's NGOs
  8. Youth NGOs
  9. Peace and Conflict NGOs
[edit] E. Numbers of NGOs
  1. International NGOs
  2. NGOs in General
[edit] F. History of the NGO Sector

[edit] NGO Country Profiles

[edit] Africa
[edit] Asia
[edit] Europe
[edit] Northern African and Western Asia
[edit] North America
[edit] Oceania NGO Profiles
[edit] Latin America and Caribbean

[edit] NGO Organization

[edit] A. Mission Statement
[edit] B. Vision Statement
[edit] C. Organizational Documents
  1. Articles of Incorporation
  2. Bylaws
  3. Constitution
[edit] D. Governing Body
  1. Board responsibilities
  2. Board membership
  3. Board compensation
  4. Terms of service
  5. Board meetings
[edit] E. Human Resources
  1. Staff training, policies, and procedures
  2. Volunteer recruitment training and retaining
  3. Consultants
  4. Best management practices

[edit] Legal

[edit] A. Types of legal structures
[edit] B. Why incorporate?
[edit] C. Registering an NGO
[edit] D. Tax-exempt status
  1. Advantages
  2. How to obtain tax-exempt status

[edit] Financial

[edit] A. Operating Budget
[edit] B. Accounting Practices

[edit] Fundraising

Foundation for Seeking Grants and Other Funding

[edit] A. Sources of Funding
[edit] B. Foundation Grants
[edit] C. Grantmaking
  1. Writing a fundraising proposal
  2. Examples of successful proposals
[edit] D. Business support
[edit] E. Government grants
[edit] F. Individual donors
[edit] G. Income producing ventures/special events

[edit] Marketing

[edit] A. Overview of Marketing for NGOs
[edit] B. Strategic Communications: How to Create a Successful Public Relations and Marketing Plan
[edit] C. Marketing Technologies and Strategies
[edit] D. Campaign Techniques
[edit] E. What is Social Marketing
[edit] F. Communication Tools

[edit] Project Management

[edit] A. Overview
[edit] B. Project Management Life Cycle
[edit] C. Project Management Better Practices
[edit] D. Project and Program Evaluation
[edit] E. Impact Assessment
[edit] F. Risk Assessment

[edit] Information Management

[edit] A. Overview
[edit] B. Information Technology
[edit] C. Websites
[edit] D. Email
[edit] E. Blogs and Community Groups

[edit] Networking and Partnerships

[edit] A. Partnering with NGOs
[edit] B. Partnering with the United Nations
[edit] C. NGO-Business Partnerships
[edit] D. Best Practices for Establishing Partnerships

[edit] Strategic Planning

[edit] A. Overview
[edit] B. Steps in Strategic Planning
[edit] C. SWOT Analysis

[edit] NGO Accountability and Ethics

[edit] A. Brief Overview of NGO Ethics
[edit] B. Methods of Enhancing Accountability
  1. Voluntary codes of conduct as guidelines
  2. Self-certification
  3. Certification
  4. Accreditation
  5. Rating organizations/third-party evaluations/watchdog
  6. Award programs
  7. Information agencies
[edit] C. Codes of Ethics

[edit] How to Start an NGO

  1. What to Do
  2. Start up funds
  3. Organizing Documents
  4. Establishing the Board of Directors
  5. Funding and fundraising
  6. Office management
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