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[edit] NGO Overview

Overview of NGOs

[edit] A. What is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO)?
  1. Definitions of NGOs
  2. Alternative terms for NGOs (civil society organizations, charities, third sector organizations, etc.)
  3. Fundamental nature of NGOs
[edit] B. Classification of NGOs
  1. United Nations International Standard Industrial Classification
  2. General Industrial Classification of Economic Activities
  3. National Taxonomy of Exempt Entitites
  4. International Classification of Nonprofit Organizations
[edit] C. Types of NGOs by Geographic Area
  1. International NGOs
  2. Regional NGOs
  3. National NGOs
  4. Local NGOs
[edit] D. Types of NGOs by Focus
  1. Membership Associations
  2. Humanitarian NGOs
  3. Human Rights NGOs
    1. Human Trafficking
    2. Organ Trafficking
  4. Educational NGOs
  5. Environmental NGOs
  6. Women's NGOs
  7. Children's NGOs
  8. Youth NGOs
  9. Peace and Conflict NGOs
[edit] E. Numbers of NGOs
  1. International NGOs
  2. NGOs in General
[edit] F. History of the NGO Sector
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